THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Courtney Roskop aka Kacie Jordan.  You probably don’t remember her name, but she is one of the hookers that Charlie Sheen use to book to do blow with him and all this crazy ass stuff.  Anyway, I have been following her on Twitter and OMG this girl needs major help in life.  She is very open about her hooking and how much money she is making, she is always on twitter talking about how and her boyfriend are having sex for hours and doing blow… and then once in a while she will post crazy pics like all this money she made that night from her “Client” and talk about all the pills she is popping and how she hates her life and has the worst of the worst.  Its crazy to me how some people think, I guess if my family didn’t answer my calls for Thanksgiving I’d be having a bad night too.  Do you think there is help for people like her or is it over.

Courtney Roskop doesn’t want help. She loves the attention and has no concept of love.- nik