THE DIRTY ARMY: Steve aka Dave, D-Block, or DAVID SOLOMON. He acts like a high rolling hot shot- really he is an old man that is washed up and looking for youth anywhere he can find. He tries to find women on “sugar daddy” websites. Say’s his name is “ROY JONES”. Tells girls he is in his early 30’s. He is really 39 and has two children he plans on ditching asap. He will hook up with anyone that is creamier skinned than him. The best part is that he and his friend Chris Riley try to double team girls between ATL and NYC/Jersy City. Grow up and take care of your real kids, not little sluts that need you for money. So much for being lucrative company owners aka CONSTRUCTION. P.S. It is TRASHY to take pics in the gym.

He’s got mad photoshop skills, you almost can’t tell he’s in the gym (the douchiest place to take a picture of yourself).- nik