THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this club in wichita, Our Fantasy Complex, allows their patrons and local drag queens to sell and deal drugs in and out of it. WOULD YOU SERIOUSLY WANT TO BE AROUND THIS CRAP? its bad enough the liquor here is watered down, the bathroom’s always reek of piss and shit, the music sucks major ass and the Owner’s are assholes. and when you walk around trying to actually relax in this place, you have drag queens coming up to you trying to see if you want to buy drugs?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? what a world we live in… I just don’t get why this place is still running with this type of activity going on. i have actually seen drug deal’s going on in the bathroom and also right in front of your eyes WHILE YOUR BUYING DRINKS!! (WATERED DOWN CRAPPY DRINKS) oh and the owner, the one pictured in the purple (lake of the ozarks) shirt…SHE KNOWS ALL ABOUT IT…and actually allows this crap in her bar. this is actually not a way a gay community needs to be around, or even follow. please put this nasty ass drama on blast, and let everyone know to stay away before something bad happens to them.

They also allow lady boys which means anything goes.- nik