THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw an article on CNN about this dude, Eric Hartsburg, who got a tattoo of Romney’s logo on his face. I can only laugh when I see these funny stories. In my opinion, there is only one reason for a dude to sell a permanent tattoo on his face for money: drug addiction. If you look at the video, the guy looks like he is obviously a meth-head. Look at his eyes. A quick google search and you realize the guy lives in Indiana.  I know a guy who a few years ago was doing the same thing, except not on his face, but selling tattoos to companies on his arms and legs. A year later he came out, said he was “cleaned” up, and he was basically selling the tattoos because it was the only way he could get $ to feed his addiction. What do you think?  Click here to read full article. 

I don’t think this looks good for the Republicans considering it say F*CK on his neck.- nik