THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, his girls name is Cheevon Cruz. She is one of the nastiest people I have come across. She was dating a guy in the military from Ft.Bliss in El Paso, TX. She then cheated on him and moved in with another guy from the base. They got married and moved to Germany for his training to later find out that she was also cheating on him. He sent her ass back to the states. She then dated another guy and was pregant. Leaves him for another guy and makes this poor soul think its his baby. They then fight and she tells him that the baby isnt his. At this point she dont know who her baby daddy is. She goes from guy to guy like every other day. she has dated like most of the military guys there. She is a walking bag of disease. She likes to take the guys money and even take their cars too. She likes to think that she is mother of the year on facebook but yet CPS takes her child away every other month from her. She thinks she has a magical conch. El Paso Guys need to beware of this Woman. She deserves to be on Blast.

I don’t understand why guys in the military even attempt to date any girl while they are serving our country.- nik