THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Alana holsinger a want to be model. This girl is 25+ doesn’t work and eats kpins all the time. She thinks its ok to be a drug addict, and named her modeling page “Kpin Kuntz”. She doesnt use actual photographers just a junk camera, and free editing program. Currently she lives with a guy she claims to do nothing with. He buys her clothes and feeds her because she wont get a job. She sleeps with multiple guys while having a boyfriend, and thinks its ok. She constantly has some form of a drd and doesn’t care. Shes completely fake, and switch’s what she likes when around different people. Im not sure she has brain to think for herself. She really needs to start wearing clothes that fit! News flash your not tiny, and no one wants to see your gut. She sleeps from one guy to the next using everyone she can until they realize shes using them. Then shes on to the next person. This chick really needs a reality check. No one likes her or wants her around. Its really sad when ravers cant stand you.
Please tell her to lay off the drugs, go on a diet, and get a job.

You’d think she’d get a clue after her photographer covered up her face, and shot from a distance.- nik