THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need to send a warning to Shimderella. You made this girl insanely hot when you bought her +2’s but it’s about to be a huge curse. Shimderella is hanging out out with Australian model Emily Sears who is under investigation for being a prostitute in America. My buddy is an undercover cop who plays underground poker games in Hollywood. I saw a long scope picture he took picture of Shimderella and Emily together and I asked him what’s up and he said a huge bust is about to go down. Shimderella you need run. Nik you need to warn her.

I got invited to an underground poker game in LA once (circa 2008). I didn’t play, just hung out and drank. To be honest I couldn’t afford the buy in. There were a whole bunch of hot chicks invited by a “modeling agency”. I don’t know how much it was to f*ck, but I do know blow jobs were $500.- nik

**As for the +2’s you see above… I’m doing Toys for Tattas in Scottsdale, AZ mid December. So if you need +2’s start gathering up toys for the contest. All toys will be donated to underprivileged children.**