THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik… These two guys, Gabriel Enriquez & Angel Ceja, need to be put on blast for stealing anything and everything they can possibly get their hands on when they’re in someone’s house. It doesn’t matter who they are (family & friends), they will steal from them! Starting 6 months ago, all of our friends started noticing random items like ipods, jewelry, and even clothing missing from our home and never suspected these two, since they are really cool guys to hang around with. Come to find out, they are liars and manipulators. A friend of ours home was nearly broken into and let’s just say that there may not have been enough evidence for an arrest, but Gabe was seen leaving the scene!! And he still has the balls to call us out as liars, constantly posting on facebook, “please don’t believe the liesas if people are that stupid. They both literally walk around like they got away with it and they’re untouchable. We all are now wise to these two thieves and they will never be forgiven.

There’s no way to be tough after getting kicked out of  party.  You embarrassed yourself further by posting that up online.- nik