THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik i need to put a warning to EVERYONE about this women beating piece of shit on blast this guy is one of the biggest druggies in victoria straight up so messed up in the head the stuff he does say just makes you want to throw up he acts like hes the shit when really he looks like shit he is dating this girl samantha ink on facebook who i know real well and he beats hers not only that but recently he pushed her into on coming traffic and she almost got hit by a car and died can you say murder oh well wouldnt be the frist time he killed someone he is a druggy low life dad who doesnt even get to see his kid because of his drug habbits and his ex nows what he is about he also haves herps his name is douglas hughes nik what do you think of this low life crusty nasty druggy

Guys with facial tats have their own warning.  A facial tat.- nik