THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this worthless POS is Jeffery LaRocque. He is a part-time member of a local radio morning show here in Cleveland. He is the butt of jokes throughout all of Northeast Ohio. He is married and has two children that he hardly see’s because he’s out every night hanging with prostitutes, amature porn stars, and druggies. He goes every where announcing that he is on the radio just to try to get free crap. He cheats on his wife and gets in trouble for beating his kids. He gives/sells his childs adderrall to his druggie friends. He has the worst hygeine. He creeps all day on young girls. He hangs out in bars at night trying to pick up women when he should be home with his family. Maybe thats why his wife starting cheating on him. He is by far the biggest scumbag in the midwest. He has a huge head because of the radio show and he’s too stupid to realize the only reason he is there is for people to make fun of him. Did I mention he picks up prostitutes on a regular basis to have his greg sucked. The biggest turd in Cleveland, Jeffery LaRocque.

Just cause you work on the radio doesn’t mean that mullet is acceptable.- nik