THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is jenie nguyen, she is Vietnamese the little tiny asian girl that’s 19 years old. Let me tell you about jenie nguyen, for the past 7-30-11 she’s been dating my friend and regardless from that, she’s been ruining his life for over the past 7 months, and i cannot believe my closes friend would ever date this chick, Honestly this chicks facial expression looks more of an emo girl and whenever we see her, we think she is some kind of emo girl who always looks down. Another thing about jenie nguyen is that she will date any guys out there, anyone i say. But the bad thing is about this chick is that she will be thinking of and another guy but will hide it from you as if you did not know anything. Her personality describes a emotional person. This chick will also f*ck with your head, it’s true. no doubt about it. Once you get on her bad side Jenie will go on and start all this crappy roomers about you and really dont care what you do, she will leave you behind and never care about how you feel. Nik would you.?

Answer: NO, she wrote the answer on her head.