THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, big fan of your site. I recently saw your comment regarding that Serbian loser that killed his girlfriend. You said “let this be a lesson to any girl who wants to be with a steroided loser”. I could not agree more with you man, I did steroids myself for a year and a half. A few years of laying off of them I finally noticed only losers do them. The funny thing the reason I hear of most people use them is to get “bigger” or “more women”. Sure they get bigger but for what? They will lose the size eventually. And I don’t know many women who want to be with a pumped up jackoff, at least from my experience. Every person I know who takes steroids has huge issues and problems in their lives. I would put steroid users as number two behind marijuana/pot users on a list of the most in denial drug users. What are your thoughts Nik?

I think the girls who are attracted to steroided out men have abuse issues stemming from their youth. They want to be hit.- nik