THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, my name is Tim and I am a huge follower from Germany, I’ve known your site ever since you first started, huge fan and loving it. Thank you! I used to live for about 4 years in the states and dated a chick whom betrayed me right after I moved back, we decided we would try a long distance relationship but she couldn’t wait basically to get it on with some douche bag cop from the SF Police Department (she took his number a while back) and apparently went out with him while I was on the plane heading back home, f*cking crying my eyes out. B*tch. Thats a pic of her I took while she was sleeping, I got rid of all the rest. I just had to. Keep it up Nik! I hope they will ship your book to Germany!

She is not even hot. You should write the cop a thank you letter or at least send him a Christmas card.- nik