THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this loser is Tommy Lee Barton. He considers himself to be the best singer in the Kansas City area. He is a 42 year old with no job, no aspirations, Gary Busey teeth, and he still lives at home with his mother. He hit on me numerous times while he was dating my friend. Additionally, one of his friends also told me that he found child pornography on his computer, and heard of an alleged sexual relationship between him and his adopted mother. He stalks my friend, his ex, and leaves notes on her car stating that she is the reason that he is bi-polar and does meth. He can be charming, so ladies, watch out for this creep!! He is arrogant, and has no problems being violent towards women in his life. He is looking for someone with stability to latch on to, so he can leave his mother’s house, and go right into being taken care of by someone else.

Nice hair slick, you can tell he’s really thought out covering that bald patch.- nik