THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Leeroy Callahan. This wannabe DJ is short tempered and insecure. Nik, he’s so insecure with himself that he ends up ruining all his relationships. For example: He cheats on all of his girlfriends if he’s not getting any. Or if they get into a disagreement. That’s how he get his drd’s. (drd and The Cl**) Not only does he cheats on his girlfriends, but if you don’t have the same opinion that he does about anything…and I really do mean ANYTHING, then he will threaten to beat you. Now, I understand if he threatens guys, but its mostly girls. Once this girl stood up to him and he beat her so bad. Black eyes and a tooth was missing kinda bad. If you want to contact this awful excuse of a human being, here’s his skype: [removed] If you add him as a friend on Facebook, then you can easily get his number, then blow up his phone telling him that your sorry that he exists.

The thicker the chin strap the bigger the douche.- nik