THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Kayla Warning. She is a white trash attention whore. She is 19 years old and just had a baby. She make sure to update everyone on her facebook with pictures of her belly and now pictures of the baby every hour. This girl dropped out of highschool before her sophmore year. she is 19 and has yet to get her permit and drive a car, and was kicked out of her house for stealing all of the jewlery in the house and pawning it for drug money, and everyday she makes up a new mental disorder she “has” to try to get people to feel bad for her and help her out. She has no house to live in because her and her boyfriend have been kicked out of every family member’s houses due to her delightful attitude and lack of respect for people. Oh and did i mention she has never had a job and when told to get a job she tricked her boyfriend of 2 months into getting her prego so she can trap him and use his money and/or child support for her drug addiction and to live off of the rest of her life, she thought by having a baby her family would feel bad for her and start talking to her again. She is compulsive lier and needs a serious wake up call to help her realize what a horrible person she is to bring a child into the world just to use to fix her issues. She thinks shes so smart in doing this and no one knows her real motives but everyone does! So Nik, I was wondering if you wanted to be the one to wake her up?

Hopefully she’s gambling on a guy whose going to college.- nik