THE DIRTY ARMY: ayyee sayy nikk thiss nguy right heree bro is a sickk fckkk he likes to party with 14 and 15yr old girls he tryed to say he had some girls to chill with nd we went to go chill with them and they fukn smelled like fckn pee and i asked him to take me home n he said na i gott some mollys and ima slipp um in there drinks and minds yu they were only 14&15 so then i juss walked out there house…also he trys to be gangsta but yet hes going threw trainging to be a cop what a fckn pssy>>>everybody watch your kids an protect yur wifes cause he will try anything!!!! ATTENTION ATTENTION!!!!!!!…if you want your party raddied this n*gga right here will be the one callin the cops you can catch him and pretty boii spinz calling the laws snitch ass pssys I Was at a party an i had to throw my strap cause he said someone had a gun and took off screammin like a bitch……. i also fuked dj spins babymomma in issacs car

It never works, you can’t try and ‘look hard’ when taking a picture of yourself.- nik