THE DIRTY ARMY: Darlene Tate as she goes by is a nigerian scam. She lives at Iron Station N.C. says she owns homes in Florida and Lagos Nigeria. Well she scammed a Man in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. yesterday for $900. She told me that she was getting money from her Uncles friend to fly to see me. I got money sent to me to send to her in Nigeria. OMG I feel so sick from this. he found me on facebook though her account. I talked to him and exsplained what is going on. Today she closed her Facebook account. I paid for a flight awhile back for her to come and see me. of course it NEVER happened. 12:24:08 PM darltate: send it to Eddie Workman 12:24:21 PM darltate: lagos nigeria12:24:33 PM darltate: text me the mtcn on my phone when its done 12:24:43 PM I said Ok Hun I found a place open12:24:52 PM I said Yes i will12:27:06 PM darltate: ok hun i believe you 12:27:15 PM darltate: i have alot to do tomorrow morning 12:28:16 PM I said I am getn it filled out right now Hun. Yea i no u do, love you!12:29:04 PM I said Whos phone number should i use for eddie12:31:02 PM I said <ding>12:32:04 PM I said Your cell?12:32:37 PM darltate: yes12:32:51 PM darltate: i talk to him via mail12:33:00 PM I said Where is Eddie at?12:33:20 PM 12:33:20 PM darltate: lol12:33:27 PM darltate: you call me that everything 12:33:35 PM darltate: everytme 12:33:50 PM darltate: in his in lagos hun12:34:02 PM darltate: he can help me with the flight im thinking. TY yahoo messenger. So now if you are thinking about helping out Darlene go on here first.

You didn’t pay for those +2’s as well did you?- nik