THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay ladies central Arkansas has yet another guy to stay clear of. This one goes by the name of Matt Huber. If he isn’t at the Cowboy hitting on girls that are way out of his league he also lurks around the billiards doing the same. Have to keep a close ear on this one. Even though he is not the best looking fellow he will smooth talk you until you are under his spell and before you realize it you find yourself hooked!! I did fall for it like an idiot unfortunately and once you two are “together” he will do nothing, but lie, cheat, sleep around on you and literally treat you like a dog or even worse. In the end you feel as though it was all of your fault and find yourself apologizing to him for being a dick to you as if you brought all of it on yourself! If he approaches you just entertain the simple minded guy and send him about his way. Dont even expect to get a drink either from him..

This was a self post, sending out a feeler…- nik