THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Spencer O’Donnell… Edmonton’s biggest creep. He is apparently in a relationship, but yet you can still find him offering up some pay for play on POF, Adult Friend Finder, and Craigslist. He has cheated on every girlfriend he has, and manages to hide it pretty well – he can even live with a girl and find ways to cheat on her (the old working out of town, playing hockey, working out excuses); and he only dates girls who are stupid so he can fool them. He spends his parents money on pepsi (even though he apparently has a “good job” at ATCO pipelines, and he hooked up with a girl that most of Edmonton knows a few weeks ago and paid her extra for bareback because she was pregnant… but didn’t tell her that he has a solid list of DRD. Nik, Edmonton needs to be warned about this loser!

You should send in some pics of him in sweats, give people a real perspective of him.- nik