THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these pictures make me disgusted. LA’s most popular escort Jenna Bentley is blasting all over her twitter how wonderful she is by “giving back to the community” at a Christmas Toy Drive with the Mayor of Los Angeles. We all know the money she used to buy the toys she brought is from being a hooker. She’s trying to show what a ‘celebrity’ she is and no doubt, increase her hourly rate. I’m disgusted she’s using an event for underpriveldged kids to promote her escorting. This Hulk has been booking up to 5 johns a day. Does anyone bother to ask how she makes her money? She only does 2 or 3 modeling jobs a year. Why doesn’t anyone ask at these events who the hell she is and what she’s done to deserve to be there? She calls herself a “Super Model” and “Hip Hop Star”. Nik, I’ve lost hope in humanity when well known hookers like this use children. Who’s getting her into these events? What are your thoughts?

Looks like the Mayor is happy to see her. I wonder if they exchanged contacts?- nik