THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This girl gives Brantford the reputation of a coyote ugly (like chew your arm off ugly) walk of shame after a night at the Vegas (and we aren’t talking about the strip; although I’m sure that’s what she does on the regular as this bitch never has her clothes on.) Strutting around her in cheap stitches clothing. The ging ming likes to embellish on coke binges and provides free blow jobs to the out of towner’s, as she has already rubbed her dirty clam on everyone in this town. The tacky blue eye shadow she wears never matches the colour of the balls of the men she’s with, she gets the job done & it’s done right (so Ive heard). She cant leave anything to the imagination as she is easy as they come. Nik, im going to let you finish this off for me, tell this bitch how beautiful she is.

Instead of Mac, try a napkin..- nik