THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have this girl Gabrielle Lane (real name Gabrielle Mathers) in my facebook friends and she is disgusting! First off let me start with this girl is PREGNANT and posting photos in her underwear with her panties rolled down so far you can almost see her vagina. What kind of mother to be does that?? Filthy. Next, I see her post that she is excepting “money donations” to help her, get this, pay her house deposit and anyone that donates gets a “special something”. So now she is a pregnant prostitute. I attached a picture with her boyfriend, I dont know him but who in the hell would accept this behavior from a girl that is about to have his child??? This chick also goes out partying while shes pregnant and acts like a whore! How embarrassing to her guy. Anyways Nik, I was curious, would you donate $10 to get “something special” from this butterfaced broad?? If not, please state your case why not and don’t take it easy! Gabby has callled herself a perfect “10” before, I would sit her and call out her many flaws but its much funnier when you do it Nik! So please do!

Someone send in the ‘something special’, you know a bunch of guys bucked up on that.- nik