THE DIRTY ARMY: NOBODY is innocent in this one.. julie carroll kolhoff the slut….. she was a club slut until she met her husband. he had a decent job and made a bit o money. enough to get her +2’s and a tummy tuck. he then lost his job (sexual harassment on some girl) and she decided it was time for something new. she stayed in their house and started fcking the meat dept manager (also in a relationship) she continued to be late for work and even played the whole my marriage is ending” little did we all know those two were meeting up and fukin before work. everyone at Raleys knew those two were messing around. then her husband gets his job back or another job and she then dumps the meat manager and goes back to her husband. but all she does at work is talk shit about her husband and then talks about her “work” encounter. she didnt stop seeing the meat guy, when her hubby would go out of town, she would drop the kids off at mommys house then go out with the meat guy. she even fcked the meat manager several times in the store. there was video….. I SAW IT….what a whore all of these people are scum…. and still get their promotions. Roseville beware!!

Gold diggings only what they call it when there’s a ring…- nik