THE DIRTY ARMY: K so nik this here is Logan “Tiberius Landshark” Edwards. aka “The Gothic King” and boy o boy does he need to be put on blast. This guy is a prime example of a male slut. Goes after anything that has a pulse. But his FAVOURITE are women that are taken. I’m guessing his own insecurities come into play and he feels good being able to bang someone else’s woman. He’s come in between relationships *coughMariecough*, engagements *coughDestinycough*, and now he’s moved onto married women *coughAngelacough* and we ALL know he’s banging his so called “best friend” *coughNikitacough* So seriously men out there keep a leash on your gothic princesses.

I almost scrolled right past those first 2 tranny’s…time for a nap.- nik