THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone keeps talking about how if those teachers were armed at Sandy Hook Elementary that all those innocent lives would have been saved.  But I don’t see it the same way.  Yes those children are dead, but what about the rest of the people that are shot and killed daily by guns in this country?  There is over 32 people shot and killed every day by gunfire and no one seems to mention anything unless it is a massacre.  Have you idiots thought about making guns illegal?  If we had no guns and no one had access to guns, these massacres and random deaths would never be happening… because no one would have a gun in order to do it.  Its about time we make some serious change in this country and outlaw weapons.  We should look at the UK as a great example of this, they have one of the lowest crimes rates and death rates for that matter since guns are not allowed across the pond.

When is “Bowling For Batman” coming out?- nik