THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m surprised this girl has not been posted yet. I think your website is the perfect thing to help this girl realize what she is doing with her life! I too was posted on this site a long time ago and it helped me see that I was being completely stupid and trashy. Now I think BREE needs to see wat she is doin. This gurl parties ALL the time, uses her “frans” for everything they have. she does not do anything unless it is somehow hlping her out. if you ever turn on her she will threaten to call da cops. she does this to everyone. She is now in jail I beileve? GIRL GET THESE SHITTY GUYS AND GIRLS OUT OF UR LIFE AND START BEIN THE ADULT U NEED TO BE! Her parents should bring her back home, set some straight rules to get her ass bck on track. Shes gone down the wrong path for far to long she needs to get back to tha good person she used to be.. I am doin this out of love not hate.

You should hang up those modeling dreams in the back of your closet.  Or bottom of your bag.- nik