THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok so here’s a re-occuring face Kayla Lynn Kruger. She’s been up here on blast multiple times. Shes a mother of a toddler but she never seems to be taking care of him. She is taking off to Greece to “model” and when confronted about that she said she finally needed her me time… Girl you’ve been having me time the last few years. Where was your little boy the whole time you were in Van? So on top of her hyping her whole life (bikini contest loser does not equate to next top model, Driving someone elses range rover and living in their house is not YOURS to brag about) this girl is also a major thief. She has been called out for stealing a phone, contest money, but shes also stolen money from 2 people in the okanagan. Selling them tickets and not following through. THEN blocking/ingoring them and their friends any way she could.  You owe them $900 If you were doing so well dont you think you could afford to you know, NOT STEAL. Just get a real job, stop mooching off men/showing half nudies on facebook and take care of your son.

Kayla is the definition of VanDirty.- nik


I Have To Get Your Opinion On Her

Kayla Lynn Kruger Will Steal Your Stuff