THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so everyone is commenting on Tony Hawk’s post saying that the picture of his daughter is just a joke and why are people taking it so serious?  All the while when you posted Andre Curry’s daughter everyone was going off on him because he is black and saying really racist stuff.  Now look at the two pictures side by side?  Tell me there is ANY difference in them?  All I see, is two children scared and not sure what is going on.  Seriously, if Tony Hawk doesn’t get charged for this like Andre Curry did, there is truly something wrong with this country and our morals.  WHITE CELEBRITIES SHOULD NOT GET AWAY WITH WHATEVER THEY WANT!!!

This shouldn’t be a racial thing, this is a parenting issue. There is no humor in child abuse.- nik


Tony Hawk Better Get Arrested For Abusing His Children

This Guy Needs To Be Locked Up