THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl right here is the BIGGEST porta potty in the 909/951. Her name is Tatiana Blood and she jumps from guy to guy looking for a free meal and somewhere to live. Claims to have +2s but they are the sloppiest and saggiest real tits I’ve ever seen. She “claims” to be an up and coming makeup moguel but she works at that makeup kiosk making minuium wage. This girl needs to be put on blast not only is she the fakest person I have ever encountered inside and out, she also has the personality of a guy. Nothing more unclassy and unattractive than that. I thought she would be hard to get in the bedroom since she claims and makes herself look hard to get on instagram/facebook. I thought challenged accepted… Had her into my bed the first night.  She seriously think she is gods gift to man… Girl wipe off that 50 layers of makeup off and change your attitude.

She looks like a bootleg Elvira.- nik