THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the great white ass known as Jenna Shea is claiming on twitter that she will be on Nik Richie radio this week to expose Rob Kardashian. If that is true can you make her please shake her ass in a bikini bottom for the DA. I’m a miserable married man who spanks to Jenna every chance I get when she is posted on The Dirty. My b*tch wife checks my internet history so I can’t google her naked pictures or click on her twit pics. I do have permission to visit this website because her brother David who is serving in Iraq got cheated on and he blasted his ex-wife on The Dirty so my wife is a fan of yours Nik, I wouldn’t be surprised if she touches herself to you. She always rewinds that Couples Therapy bullsh*t when you talk and sometimes I walk in to the bedroom with you in freeze frame. Makes me wonder. Anyway, Jenna I need some PG-13 skin this Wednesday. I don’t have much to live for these days. Thanks.

Yes, Jenna is my co-host this week… you need to have your wife call into the show. Let me talk to her and see if my voice makes her knees tap.- nik

**Nik Richie Radio via – Wednesday 8 PM PST**