THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know you’re familiar with Kaylalynn Krueger. I slept with this ugly thing last week until I found out she steals compulsively via TheDirty.  She has an okay body besides the fact she has no T&A, but her face is a different story competely man… She has no jaw and a huge nose… I’m too embarassed to even put my real name on the post but let me just tell you guys out there from Van to Kelowna to STAY AWAY.  Luckily she didn’t take anything from me or I would have kicked her ass probably.

Why would you rail that? What part of her did you find attractive enough to get your Greg up? You must have went deep into your “File Away” images to finish during this eye closed sex session.- nik


I Have To Get Your Opinion On Her

Kaylalynn Kruger Will Steal Your Stuff