THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This guy is a 39 year old man that still lives at home with his mom, has a girlfriend but stalks people’s facebook pages to find girls online to exchange naked pictures and try to “hook up” with. His name is Jj. He also frequents craigslist looking for BJ’s etc and if you call him out on his girlfriend he’ll play the “I love her but I only see her on the weekend and need some P&$$# now”. It’s sad and he is so disrepectful to women everyone especially this poor girl that puts up with his bullshit. Careful ladies, I’ve seen some of the girls he has hooked up with and they dont exactly look “clean”. He is very charming but the second you turn him down he acts like a toddler and sulks hoping you’ll give in. It’s sad and he has a drop dead sexy girlfriend so #1 why he feels the need to do this to her is beyond me #2 She could do so much better

Reality check, you live with your mom!- nik