THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I used to work and hangout with a guy in Kingston named Mich Lavoie. This guy was the biggest scumbag that I ever met. He has a wife named Kelly Miller and he cheats on her all of the time. He gave her an drd one time from his cheating. He is having an affair with the secretary that he works with and it has been going on for years. He also slept with the secretary’s sister. The worst thing that he bragged about was using a hidden camera to take a video of his wife’s twin sister when she was getting changed. That’s pretty fcked up. Also, he had a kid when he was in high school, hid from the mother, and hasn’t paid child support for her entire life. Apparently he likes Plenty of Fish too, so people need to be aware that he is married, diseased, and a scumbag.

Looks like he tried to photoshop his fingers longer…sensitive are we?- nik