THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! I saw the posts of Meaty mandy the roxic sloot and realized the guy I WAS seeing was mentioned and THAT girl has been with him the whole fckin time! He also cheated on Meaty Mandy with her best friend Lisa Harthog whose a gross sloppy pig.
I am heartbroken. I also caught ch**dia from him I found out 3 weeks ago and now on antibiotics I wonder who else he’s been fcking behind my back. Hence my decision to post him on here, I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy the pain Kyle Cleary has put me through. Ladies watch out he may have a crator face and a body like a crckhead but he can lie like a motherfcker and believes his own lies so it makes it difficult to believe whats real and what isnt. Well his pregnant GIRLFRIEND seems like a complete skank. was like 6 months preggo and baby died due to drug use. I keep saying its better off anyways they deserve eachother. Be warned chickies this one is abusive, controlling and constantly lies. He is dangerous

I wouldn’t trust anyone in Winnipeg.- nik