THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this local 26 year old rapper Kyle Spratt from Windsor worked at a bingo hall where Kim Mathers who is Eminem’s wife would go to play bingo. He waited for her to leave her seat and he stole her cell phone. He then started calling Mr Marshall Mathers himself over and over in hopes that he would listen to Kyles music. Eminem obviously didnt listen to his HORRIBLE music. So Kyle decides to write a diss song to his own Idol Eminem. I have some friends that hangout with him he a pill addict, loves his o**contin and he stalks little girls. I know a girl that he fingered at a party when she was passed out. she was only 13!!!! and he was 23. He’s known to lie about his age and tries to get with little girls all the time. gross! NIC please put this CREEP Stalker on BLAST! The links to the news of when he stole the cell phone..[click here],[or here]

Only in Canada, the place where white guys rapping dreams can come true.- nik