THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Ya’ll this is Kyle wayne Petty! as you can see these pics are of him from his mug shots two one from tarrant county Texas the other florida both on drugs charges. Met this guy, he told me he was rich, owned horses, s a big shot poker player and a model. I could take only one look to know he sure wasnt a model!! when I asked where he has modeled I get Oh no not me my girlfriend Crystal is changed story quickly then he quickly adds its ok we can hang out I know she is with me only for the money!!! I have to laugh yeahh ok Ladies what do you think would you say Kyle is model material? marrying material? lover or father?? I say a HELL NOOOOO I asked about his mug shots he said Oh thats not me cmon dude grow up b alert ladies scammer it’s him alright!!

He’s one of the few people who look better in their mug shot then they do in real life. (no homo).- nik