THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik everyone thinks levi wallace is only good for one thing trouble is he cant even do that right i mean he’s fcked alot of people and they all have said he last like 10 seconds and he smells oh boy not worth it! that dirty boy is taking it to a new level with that stank! Not to mention he fucks his own mom i mean gross who does that come on , he lives off her too talk about a momma’s boy YUCK!He needs to get a job and a life he doesnt even have a friend in the world these days because he likes to fuck everyone over and prob not even a job ANYMORE.  LOSER BIG TIME YUCKY DONT TRUST HIM HIS LIES ARE WORSE THAN HIS STANK

Did he promise to be the healer of your clan and bail or something?- nik

Here’s what I read on the internet: Healing can be one of the most intense and demanding jobs in game. The entire course of an instance or raid can be ultimately determined by how well the healer can heal. If you make a mistake, everyone will know it. While we here at Ten Ton Hammer can’t guarantee that you will instantly become the perfect healer, by reading over the basics tenants found below you can at least give yourself a strong foundation on which to begin. “