THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Meet lynz Fontaine: Its about time this guy made it on here, i just want every girl in winnipeg to be warned !! he will add you online, tell you everything u wanna hear, tell u about how all of his girlfriends have cheated on him and left him, basically tell u a “pitty poor me” story about how he can never see his kids or how his exes are crazy and all they were after were his money, what u wont hear, is how he looks for girls to use for sex/money/place to live. he will tell u anything to get u to fall in love with him. if u do, be ready for the mindfuck of all time. he loves to hit his women, he gets off on it, from what i heard both of the women he had children with have restraining orders on him, because he is a violent obsessive, controlling freak. hence the reason hes spent half of his pathetic life in JAIL. maybe he gets off on the feeling of controlling someone smaller then him, because when hes in jail hes probably getting bent over like the b*tch that he is.IF hes not in a serious relationship beating his woman, u can find him spreading his nasty drd’s to all the sloots in the club. he waits for girls to turn 18 he likes them young & dumb so they cant catch onto his lame game. hey nik, he actually likes to add his girls off your site! he literally likes them DIRTYYYY.

It all stems from that barbed wire around his arm…- nik