THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Dylan Gruebmeyer, a 19 year old punkass who has no respect for anyone but will hide it like the little b*tch he is when other people call him on it. He’s the most useless human in existence, he looks like a tard in EVERY picture he has!!! He smokes and snorts bath salts and he’s addicted to heroin and codeine cough syrup, and got my very best friend into it now, too. He’s made my friends sick from the drugs he gives them too!! He has never shown any respect to his girl and if there is any kind of argument she immediately gets scared and starts to shake bc he is so abusive. I\’m tired of this. Nik what do you have to say to burnouts like this? I mean just look at him! He claims he\’s a hippie but he treats women like total sh*t!!!

This guy needs to go to rehab.- nik