THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about this girl right here. Me and boys went downtown last weekend for some fun. We ended up meeting Megan at the bar. At first we ignored her, but she introduced herself anyway. She kept begging us to buy her drinks, So my boy kept pulling out his wallet. This went on pretty much the whole night. By closing time she asked if she could hang out with us after. So she came over and wow lol. As soon as we opened the house door she runs in and takes her dress off exposing her tits and her sl*tty thong. She wanted to taste all of us which we happily gave to her. I wasnt going to say anything at first but I go on this site alot and noticed shes been posted on here before and she has a boyfriend. If he sees this he needs to wise up. This chick is a filthy. You may think she’s hot but trust me, in the morning when she woke up and all her makeup came off, she looked like an anorexic godzilla.

Can you please leave the location and date in comments so her boyfriend faces reality and doesn’t live in denial. Thank you.- nik