THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Atlanta’s Worst Lesbian ever. Well this was our friend Erica Br**n, my girlfriend donated a kidney to her to keep her from dying and the b*tch stabs us in the back after laying drunk on our couch for 3 days. Oh yea she is 35 and still lives with her parents. She blasts out that she slept with every girl that will take a picture with her and prays on all the little young club rat sl*ts as she calls them.  She was doing back doing blow 3 weeks after the surgery and is a horrible drunk.  Now we are regretting saving her life.  So all you girls beware that she will tell everyone that she f*cked you and that your on PCP(her favorite line) she rolls around town hanging at the pony and the other strip joints looking for a place to crash and anyone who will listen to her sob sad story of how pathetic her life is.

Erica’s mouth is handsome.- nik