THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have you ever considered your influence on your younger female fans? Have you ever thought about the possibility that what you promote may be the cause of what you condemn? I’m talking about highschool girls selling themselves for money for plastic surgery. Prostituting themselves to make extra cash to look good. For instance, girls that are about to graduate are already pretty tight on money, with entering college, moving out and vehicles etc etc. but do you think about the insecurities you cause them to feel that make them take drastic measures to make ends meet? One of my bestfriends is 17, that could be entering university next fall but instead delaying it for a year just so she can work for a rhinoplasty and a pair of +2’s. Not only is she delaying her schooling but she also has a limited time frame to make the money, so shes resorting to prostitution. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely am DA strong and love your site, but just some food for thought.

Do you think she will have a better life with +2’s and a new nose or a college degree?- nik