THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Was just casually checking TMZ this morning when I stumbled across this… Some rapper AP.9 hanging with girls from Scooby Snack’s crew (Danica Parker, Rebecca Ruth, and Jenny Keifer, three girls well-known to “escort”). I think it’s ridiculous that these girls can deny being pay for play when all they do is party, do drugs, and search high and low for their next trick. What job could these girls possibly have that gives them the cash to buy designer bags and red bottoms? Hooker, please. These girls must have no soul and definitely don’t have an ounce of integrity. Well congrats, ladies, your slooty tendencies have put you on TMZ for being all over a D-list rapper. I wonder what these girls plan on doing once they are used up in the next 2 years; I’m sure they haven’t acquired any job skills besides sucking greg. These girls are pathetic PROSTITUTES and I feel terrible for their families! Nik, how much do you think AP.9 had to pay for this dirty foursome?

This was all staged to take the pressure off Coco.- nik