THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Madison Kaye Penrose aka Maddie Penrose and her boy friend Devon Jurado have created a nice corner of the market for themselves by sel**ing prescription pills to the desperate Mormons of Salt Lake. Maddie works at Valley Mental Health and brags about stealing from them. She also uses her moms job at Dixie Regional Medical Centerto get her hands on more pills. Devon then uses his connections from University of Utah to sell on campus with Maddie. This is how Maddie is paying for her DUI and a brand new house she claims came from “making it big” in the music world. This girl also uses sexy acts to help expand her “market” plus I think shes just an attention whore and desperate for anyone to call her pretty. Watch out though word on the street is she’s been passing drd around. I just hope this girl’s parents can step in and get her some help her mother claims to be a conservative Mormon but enables Madison at every turn. Obviously something went wrong at home to make her this self destructive.

Connections at a place they couldn’t get into…- nik