THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here\’s and update on Mother Russia\’s gift to the free world, or at least PDX. Nellie Nell is on the loose and is spreading it around this town like NUT-ella! I seen her every Friday night at the spin room, grindin every dude, swinging pole to pole. Her pupils are dialated and eyes always rolled back by the end of the night. Few of my bro\’s banged her and said she was easy so I hit it one night too. Didn\’t take anything! Just carried her drunk a$$ outa the club to my crib and she rolled right over. She skinned it hard without rubber just like everyone says. Hope I got her early fo she catch something. Her backside used to be her best ASS-et, but she got so much cottage cheese goin on now! Jiggly as hell, but a freak! Any dude sees this chick, buy her a drink or 2. best investment yet in a night in this town! Bitch so messed! I know that little mexican dude she always with. He and his brother Emanuel are both bangin her! Fact, I don\’t no anyone who dint!

She probably considers herself a “socialite”.- nik