THE DIRTY ARMY: Who: Sarah Jocelyn Where: Abbotsford, BC When: May 2012 Why: BEWARE OF THIS ONE, SHE HAS SERIOUS ISSUES! What: This is Sarah, the biggest slut in Abbotsford. She meets guys at clubs and through Alcoholics Anonymous. She’s ‘the other woman’ when you dating skank guys. She wrecked my friend’s relationship as well as my friend’s MOM’s relationship. Straight homewrecker! She thinks she’s all tough and shit but I’ve put her in her place many times before. She claims to be trying to get sober but the truth is she’s a gold digger, doesn’t want to do anything in life besides sit on the couch and eat and smoke weed and drink. I should probs mention that she has some kind of skitz disorder or something similar……Anyways, she fucked my friend’s BF (who will be posted on her as well) and my friend’s mom’s HUSBAND and now claims to have his baby but she doesn’t. She likes to manuipulate guys into taking care of her for the rest of her life. DO NOT FCK HER! She’s got almost everything you can think of. Nasty peice of work..

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