THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have been DA strong since I moved to Vegas a year ago and I love to lurk the site and get inspiration on what not to do and in some very rare cases, what to do. You are a genius and every woman should take your advice. Scooby Snack needs your help so badly! This came up in my newsfeed today and I stared with a open mouth at her comment! PHOTOSHOP?! We all know she reads your site and respects you cause she constantly defends herself everytime she’s bad mouthed on here! She’s so in love with you it’s sad. So I’ll state the obvious, photoshop is for liars and it’s to bad it doesn’t fixed her scrunchy pug face. Now you address the nipple and vein issue going on up there, please! Thanks Nik, to bad there’s only one of you cause the site really needs to expose these sloots a little faster.

The fattening of the lips aged her ten years.- nik