THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do I begin with this waste of human life? Meet Meredith Cacciatore. She has been on here before but she’s still up to the same old sh*t. She is a 27 yr old heroin addict who has od\’d more times than I can count. This thing only weighs about 80 pounds soaking wet. She lives with a 57 year old man in a run down house that has no water or bathroom and the house has rats.  She is using him for what little money he has. She was involved with having one of the mans cars seized by drug police, wrecked another car and even traded another one of his vehicles to dope dealers for heroin. She steals anything including electrical cords from air conditioners. And believe it or not this thing had the nerve to reproduce not once but TWICE! It may be wrong but every time I hear about an ambulance having to be called to this mans house for her I pray she has finally killed herself with drugs, not because she is evil but because it\’s the only way to save her from herself.

Some people never change.- nik