THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, DA strong daily. Lately I’ve come to the conclusion that dating men only ends up in me being used, with nothing in return. Maybe these porta pottys have it figured out after all with someone footing the bill. Sad seeing as I’m a 5’7 blonde, 20 years old, 120lbs, blue eyes, +2’s, and not to mention maintaining a 4.0 in my sophomore year of college and I STILL can’t even manage to find a decent or successful guy. Anyways you’ve got my e-mail, I’m in Houston…I’m tired of making a bullsh*t $8.00 an hour working in retail and busting my ass in college. Farewell to my standards, well they weren’t too high to begin with anyways.

You want to work for TheDirty?- nik